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Scientific literature is not the only medium to discover mathematical models, techniques, and applications in biology. Below is a listing of several popular podcasts that discuss complex systems, mathematics, biology, and more. Like the Model Board and Job Board Pages, these listings are updated autonomously when a new podcast episode is published.

Complexity Podcast from Santa fe Institute
Mathematically Speaking
  • Episode 3.2- A Slice of Transcendence

    On this episode of the show, we look at our first historical figure of the season! Aryabhata! He gave us one of the first approximations for Pi. But what is Pi exactly? Listen to find out!  […]

  • Episode 3.1- The Big, the Small, and Everything in Between

    On this episode, we see the results of Indian Mathematics from a birds-eye perspective. The overview is given to show the impact of the Indian Culture on its math, and how abstracting math away from […]

  • Epiosde 2.8: The Woman Behind the Men

    On this episode, we end season 2 with 4 different mathematical giants, one of which is our first named woman mathematician. We have 3 revolutionary texts and the editor/commentator who made sure they […]

  • Episode 2.7: A Lever Large Enough

    This episode begins with a 9 minute moment of silence in honor of George Floyd, and all other black men and women who are victims of police brutality. During that time I encourage you to donate here: […]

  • Episode 2.6- Euclid: They wrote the Bible

    On this episode, we move on to the city of Alexandria.  We talk about the father of geometry, Euclid, and his book, The Elements.   --- Send in a voice message: […]

  • #53 Real-time quantitative proteomics with Devin Schweppe

    In this episode, Jacob Schreiber interviews Devin Schweppe about the analysis of mass spectrometry data in the field of proteomics. They begin by delving into the different types of mass spectrometry […]

  • #52 How 23andMe finds identical-by-descent segments with William Freyman

    In this episode Will Freyman talks about identity-by-descent (IBD): how it’s used at 23andMe, and how the templated positional Burrows-Wheeler transform can find IBD segments in the presence of […]

  • #51 Basset and Basenji with David Kelley

    In this episode, Jacob Schreiber interviews David Kelley about machine learning models that can yield insight into the consequences of mutations on the genome. They begin their discussion by talking […]

  • #50 ENCODE3 with Jill Moore

    In this episode, Jacob Schreiber interviews Jill Moore about recent research from the ENCODE Project. They begin their discussion with an overview and goals of the ENCODE Project, and then discuss a […]

  • #49 Most Permissive Boolean Networks with Loïc Paulevé

    In systems biology, Boolean networks are a way to model interactions such as gene regulation or cell signaling. The standard interpretations of Boolean networks are the synchronous, asynchronous, […]

Women in Math: the limit does not exist
Computationally Yours
  • Ep25: Science News Recap and Season finale

    In this season finale episode, we discuss recent scientific news covering COVID vaccines and vaccine related jargon, results from a simulation study related to climate change and the nature […]

  • Episode 24: Breaking the glass ceiling: Marie Curie

    In light of the monumental weekend in the United States, we got thinking about women who changed Science forever, and the first name that comes up is Marie Curie. This episode highlights her […]

  • Episode 23: Statistics in Genomics 101

    In this episode, Arshi Arora takes you over a brief journey of data science and statistics in the field of Genomics. What are the steps of a typical data analysis pipeline, and some fun analogies to […]

  • Episode 22: Science News Recap October

    Starting this month, we will be highlighting the main news in science for the month. This month, we highlighted three main stories: 1. Nobel Prize in Chemistry for CRISPR 2. Editorial in New England […]

  • Episode 21: Bioinformatics - What you should know

    In this episode of Computationally Yours, host Dr. Sabah Kadri discusses a topic she has been mulling over converting into an episode for a long time - the nuts and bolts of Bioinformatics. She […]

Models featured on Mindscape
Big Biology
Systems Biology from MITopencourseware
  • Interspecies interactions

    This lecture by Prof. Jeff Gore covers models and experiments of predator-prey interactions and oscillations. He begins with the Lokta-Volterra model, which has been called both "bad" (mathematically […]

  • Dynamics of populations in space

    In this lecture, Prof. Jeff Gore finishes the discussion of the Lotka-Volterra competition model. He then moves on to the topic of non-transitive interactions, what he calls rock-paper-scissor […]

  • Ecosystem stability, critical transitions, and biodiversity

    In this lecture, Prof. Jeff Gore discusses the stability, resilience, and diversity of populations at a systems level. He begins by considering a single population, and then moves on to a simple […]

  • The neutral theory of ecology

    In this lecture, Prof. Jeff Gore asks why are some species abundant and others rare? Are there universal patterns at play? And what lead to these patterns?

  • Clonal interference and the distribution of beneficial mutations

    In this lecture, Prof. Jeff Gore covers the principles of the scientific article "An equivalence principle for the incorporation of favorable mutations in asexual populations."

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